4 Tips for At-Home Denture Care

4 Tips for At-Home Denture Care from Randal S. Elloway DDS, Inc in Red Bluff, CAProper denture care is a crucial part of maintaining the appliance and its benefits. If you are a new denture wearer, you may be questioning how to care for them at home. Here are four tips for taking care of your dentures at home.

Remember good oral health

It is important to remember that just because you have dentures does not mean that you should forgo the oral care you previously used with your natural teeth. Instead, you want to keep up with it just the same. Dentures should be brushed once or twice daily, in addition to removing them and rinsing them after every meal and snack. Many people do not believe that false teeth can still become coated with plaque, but they can. Plaque can become a nuisance for denture wearers just as it can for those with natural teeth. Plaque creates the perfect environment for bacteria and germs. To extend the lifespan of your dentures, you should maintain positive oral health just as you would natural teeth.

Prevent your dentures from breaking

You will want to gather the materials you need for your denture care ahead of time. Remember your dentures can easily break if they experience an accidental drop. This is a costly mistake you can prevent with the right precautions. You should grab a clean, folded towel and place it in the bottom of the sink. This helps to provide you with a cushion just in case you drop your dentures.

Brushing your dentures

People should use a soft-bristled denture-approved toothbrush and cleanser. Some dentists may even recommend using a solution of half vinegar and water.

Another recommendation for cleaning your dentures is salt and baking soda. These are two natural cleaners that are gentle and effective in getting plaque off dentures. The most crucial step in brushing your dentures should be to use slow circular brushes over each tooth. Do not forget to brush the crevices of your dentures to remove any leftover adhesive, food debris, or bacteria.

Care for your mouth

To maintain the appearance of your dentures, you need to take care of the foundation that they are on. You will learn that when your gums are not thoroughly cleaned, your dentures do not seem to fit correctly. People should get into the habit of rinsing out their mouths when you first wake up, after each meal, and before they go to bed.

Before people fall asleep, they must take out their dentures and soak them while they sleep. Dentures should be soaked for six to eight hours each day to help them stay moist and maintain their shape. You do not want to let your dentures become dry because this could cause them to get brittle and break easier. So, before you go to sleep for the night, place your dentures in water and a cleansing solution to soak overnight. With the proper denture care, you will help to extend the life of your new smile and confidence.

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