How Regular Dental Checkups Are Important for Denture Care

How Regular Dental Checkups Are Important for Denture Care from Randal S. Elloway DDS, Inc in Red Bluff, CAWhen you are new to wearing dentures, you have many questions involving your denture care. Some people who wear dentures and do not have any natural teeth left believe they no longer need to see their dentist regularly like they used to. For many reasons, making sure you still see your dentist for regular appointments is important even for denture wearers.

The comfort and functionality of wearing dentures depends on the foundation they are set on. This means having good oral health, including healthy gums and an adequate bone structure to help support the dentures. When you wear dentures for an extended period, they may begin to fit poorly due to the soft tissue changes and bone structure changes in your mouth. Often, you will not even notice that these changes are happening. You may become increasingly frustrated if your dentures start to fit improperly or fall out. Having regular dental appointments can help to ensure this does not happen and you understand the changes and how to keep your dentures fitting properly.

Importance of properly fitting dentures

Dentures that don’t fit properly can be painful and uncomfortable and can lead to poor nutrition. Patients who have trouble eating if their dentures are not fitting will lose weight and not get the right nutrition.

Routine dental checkups are beneficial

During your routine dental checkup, the dentist will remove any plaque and bacteria on your dentures and gum tissues. If you happen to develop any sore spots or ulcers in your mouth, your dentist can help provide treatment for these so that these sores do not allow bacteria or food debris to enter your gums and bloodstream. This helps to prevent dental and health issues before they occur.

Your dentist can also provide oral cancer screening that is especially important for those with dentures to help keep your gums healthy and clean.

Proper denture care

Seeing your dentist can help to ensure you are providing the proper denture care for your new smile and mouth. When you have a checkup with your dentist, this is the perfect time to find out what you may be lacking in your routine and where you need to tighten up. Ask your dentist questions about how you should be taking care of and cleaning your dentures. Tell them what you do daily to see if there is a spot in care you are lacking. Ask them about soaking your dentures, brushing your dentures, and rinsing your dentures. If you have not yet started using denture adhesive, ask them if you should start using it, the benefits, and which products you should use.

Do not skip your dentist appointments, even when you wear dentures. Even if you do not have natural teeth, you still need to realize the importance of proper oral treatment and care.

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