What Is a Dental Implantologist?

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A dental implantologist is a trained and educated dentist about the process of placing dental implants in the jaw. This dental professional can offer you another chance at achieving good dental health. You need to be a diplomate of the American Board of Implantology if you want to be this type of dentist. If you want to know more about a dental implantologist, here are the details.

What a dental implantologist can do

This is a highly trained professional in procedures involving tooth restoration and replacement. A dental implantologist falls under the category of a prosthodontist. Studying for about two more years about dental implantation is necessary to gain the title. This dentist will need 300 hours of implant dentistry education.

There should also be experience in performing dental implant procedures. Completing three diverse types of dental implant surgery cases. The dentist should also pass written dentistry exams. Passing oral implant exams is also a requirement.

A dental implantologist can perform basic dental procedures like dental extraction. This dental professional can also restore a patient’s oral health by restoring missing teeth. Providing dental implants and other dental appliances can give more stability to the person’s mouth. This can prevent several complications from taking hold.

Facts about dental implantology

A person can visit a dentist first for a regular checkup. The primary goal is to save the person’s teeth. The dentist will need to extract the bad teeth if there is no way to save them. Referral to a dental implantologist will need to happen. The appointment must happen as soon as the extraction site heals.

A dental implantologist will start the tooth replacement with a thorough examination. Preparing the jawbone will come next. A bone graft procedure can rebuild the jawbone to support dental implant surgery. The dentist can provide an artificial tooth while the bone heals for about six months.

The implant surgeon will cut the gum open to expose the jawbone. Drilling will take place to provide spaces for the titanium rods. Then, the dentist will place the posts into the holes. These will serve as artificial tooth roots. Osseointegration will take place to make sure the titanium rods are stable in the jawbone. The dentist will stitch the gum tissue over the area containing the post to help it heal.

The dental implantologist will place the abutment. The crowns will follow after about two weeks. The abutment and crown are better than having removable dentures. Further healing and tissue generation will help support the rods and the crown. Proper dental care at home will help ensure the success of dental implant surgery. Regular checkups will also maintain the healthy condition of the implant sites.

A skilled dental implantologist can give you another chance at optimal dental health

You can achieve oral stability again with the help of an experienced implant surgeon. The dental space will have a replacement artificial tooth system. This will prevent jawbone loss and other complications from tooth loss. Scheduling an appointment with your dental implantologist can relieve your discomfort and restore your self-image.

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