Implant Dentistry: Getting Ready For the Procedure

Implant Dentist Red Bluff, CA

Implant dentistry can be a daunting prospect, but we will guide you through the process and prepare you for what to expect. It may be comforting to know that millions of Americans have dental implants so that you won’t be alone.

The implant dentistry procedure

It will take many appointments over a several-month span to get implants. The implant must be inserted into your bone, and the crown must be screwed onto it. It is a long process, but we will give you some tips on the best preparation for your implants.

Preparing for the procedure

The first step is to make sure that implants are the right option for you. You should see a periodontist first and have them examine your mouth. They will not only determine whether implants are a good option, but they will determine the best course of action based on your medical history.

This may include antibiotics if you are immunosuppressed or have other qualifying risk factors. This will allow you to get the implants without having to worry so much about an infection. If you are allergic to anything, the implant dentist may also need to take that into account. In some cases, a bone graft may even be necessary to prepare your jaw. All of this will determine the timeline and number of appointments the process will take. 

Before the procedure, you should make sure you have plenty of over-the-counter medications, drinks, and soft foods, like soups and smoothies. After some appointments, you will only be able to eat soft foods, so this is important. You should also ensure that you won’t have work or obligations immediately following any operations, as you need this time to rest and heal. This includes making any childcare arrangements. You should also arrange for a ride to and from the dentist’s office, as anesthesia can impair your judgment after you wake up.

For the 12 hours leading up to the procedure, you may need to fast. This will depend upon the kind of anesthesia your periodontist will be using and is another critical thing to discuss. Wearing baggy clothes during the procedure will help you feel more comfortable and is another good idea.

Recovering after the procedure

After any implant dentistry appointments, it is vital to rest. This means no exercise, work, or exertion. This is when your OTC medications and food stores will come in handy, as you will likely need the medication and will not be allowed to eat any hard foods. You should feel better after a week or so, but your mouth will still be healing. 

You will need to take care of your mouth just as much as you did before. This includes regular brushing and flossing. You will likely see your periodontist for follow-up appointments to ensure that the healing process is going smoothly. They can give any additional tips or advice at this juncture and will guide you on the best practices moving forward. 

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