How Dental Implants Benefit More than Just Your Appearance

Having missing teeth does not only affect our appearance but it also shatters our confidence. Amidst the embarrassment you may feel are other struggles related to missing teeth like the inability to chew your food. Don’t lose hope yet, there is good news. Dental implants are cosmetically available and can correct more than just your appearance!

What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root, much like a screw and it's made out of titanium. They are placed in the jawbone where they can naturally create a sturdy bond for crowns to be positioned. A crown is an artificial tooth that is custom made to match the remaining teeth. Dental implants are natural looking and will compliment your smile since they mimic existing teeth. Caring for dental implants is easy because they are not anchored to other teeth or bridged.

Benefits of dental implants

It’s no question that dental implants will restore your confidence and improve your smile, but that’s not it! Dental implants provide many advantages including:

  • Improved speech – Enjoy speaking freely and not struggling to pronounce words. Unlike dentures, dental implants are positioned seamlessly into your jawbone for a natural fit. No adjustments are necessary to maintain your baseline of speech.
  • Improved self-esteem – Dental implants are designed specifically for each individual. This allows a flawless appearance and a natural smile that doesn’t look fake.
  • Improved oral health – Brushing your teeth can be easy with dental implants. Each implant is easy to clean and individually placed. This allows for daily flossing and the regular cleaning routine to be followed. Missing teeth can cause deterioration and bone loss to parts of the jaw. Dental implants restore the empty spaces, keeping the jawbone strong.
  • Improved chewing – Have you ever crunched down on a chip and it hit the exact spot where the tooth is missing? Ouch! Say goodbye to painful eating and enjoy food regularly.
  • A lifetime of durability – The dental implants are durable and long-lasting. It is hard to damage them as long as you care for them like your other teeth. The best perk about dental implants is that they are permanent and requires little adjustments.
  • Less hassle – There is no upkeep with dental implants. In addition, they do not require daily removal and cleaning like dentures. They are less likely to break because of their durability and there are no concerns over what foods you can and cannot eat.


After reviewing the benefits of dental implants, it’s no wonder why millions of Americans opt to get them every single day. With the reliability, success rate, and overall improved quality of life, dental implants are a great option for anyone seeking a dental replacement.

Dental implants are an amazing investment for long-term value. Make an appointment and consult with your dentist regarding your dental replacement options. Be sure to bring up the option of dental implants to see if they are the right fit for you, your budget, and your lifestyle!

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