How Digital Dentistry Can Help When Getting Dental Implants

The Advent of Digital Dentistry

We now live in the digital age where technology has not only made work easier and more enjoyable but has also served to hasten processes and make them more accurate. Industries such as manufacturing, farming, and education have benefited immensely from the advancements in technology with health, and dentistry, in particular not being left behind. Thanks to technology, dentistry has gone through a progressive metamorphosis over the last few years. Advanced technology has led to the improvement of implantology, with thousands of patients benefitting from this every year.

Patients no longer have only dental crowns as an option to regain that pretty smile. Dental implants are now a big thing and are reliable enough to even replace dental crowns. The success of dental implants has largely been due to the advent of digital dentistry. Digital dentistry is really the abundance of technologies and software tools that are now available to dental practitioners, making them much more equipped in their service to patients. This has gone a long way in improving efficiency as well as boosting outcomes for patients.

Application of digital dentistry

Digital dentistry has helped industry professionals achieve unprecedented success in their research and innovation endeavors. For instance, dental professionals have been able to design dental prosthesis thanks to digital dentistry. 3D technology helps get the dental prosthesis fabricated in a more decent and much less labor-intensive way.

3D printing is also available to ensure that industry professionals save the valuable time that they could have spent taking mouth molds and outsourcing their creations to labs. 3D printing has become a favorite among dentists when it comes to the creation of dentures, implant supported dentures, as well as implants themselves. 3D printing could also play a key role in the fabrication of braces and night guards while also helping researchers come up with more antibacterial products that will help keep teeth safe and clean.

Effects of digital dentistry

The positive effects of digital dentistry when it comes to digital implants can never be overstated. Advanced digital dentistry has paved the way for engineers and dentists to work together so that they can come up with a digitally generated image of a dental implant that will best suit a patient based on he or she’s characteristics. The generated image can then be fed into a computer, where it can be shown in several variations so that the patient will be able to see how the implants will look like when they get lodged into their gum line.

This digitalization when it comes to dental implants will mean that the implants will look just as natural as the rest of the teeth, and will be functioning quite properly. Digital dentistry has surely come a long way in helping dentists serve their patients better.

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