How are CEREC Crowns Made?

Placing dental crowns is one of the most common dental procedures, and CEREC crowns ensure the process moves swiftly. The typical solution for someone needing a dental crown includes a few steps. It also includes more wait time.

The mold for dental crowns is taken at the dentist's office and then they are typically sent to a lab. After the mold has been received at the lab, the dental crown is then constructed and sent back to the dentist's office to be placed on the patient's tooth. However, with recent technology advancements, this wait time can be cut in over half!

What are CEREC dental crowns?

Typically the wait time for receiving a dental crown back from a lab is several days or even a few weeks. However, with CEREC dental crowns they are constructed right in the dental office! Instead of having to wait for the crown to come back in to be placed, the crown is made the same day as the patient's visit.

With CEREC technology, after the examination of the tooth that is needing to be repaired is completed, the dental crown then begins to be constructed in the same office. Because of the advanced technology, there is no need to have a mold made of the tooth. Instead, the scan is taken digitally and is fed right into the computer that will begin the construction of the crown.

Because of this added benefit and expedited process, crowns are made the same day and placed on the patient's tooth.

Is the crown just as good as lab constructed ones?

Studies have now shown that CEREC dental crowns are actually 50% more accurate than crowns constructed using molds that would be sent to a lab. Because of this, they are even more accurate and fit better in place for the patient.

There are also other factors that can cause dental crowns constructed in labs to be incorrect or not a perfect fit including:

  • The amount of saliva that is in a person's mouth can affect the accuracy of the mold that is sent to the lab.
  • The quality of the material that is used to take the mold and impression can vary and have an effect on the dental crown that is constructed.
  • Any adjacent teeth and where the tooth is can make it more difficult for even the most trained hands to keep the mold in perfect shape when transferring it to the packaging to be mailed to the lab.

And although these factors may seem small, it can take only a fraction of incorrect measurement for the dental crown to either not fit correctly or to be uncomfortable for the patient.

With CEREC dental crowns this is eliminated. Typically crowns are constructed in less than five minutes and typically do not require any adjustments because of the accuracy.

Have more questions about CEREC dental crowns?

Feel free to reach out to our office any time and we can answer any additional questions you may have. Our staff is happy to give you additional information and help you understand the technology better. We are just as excited about this advancement in dental technology and are eager to let our patients know how it can speed things along for their dental work. Contact us today!

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