When Is a Night Guard Recommended?

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People who have been diagnosed with bruxism, otherwise called nighttime teeth grinding, are frequently advised to wear a night guard. Teeth grinding can lead to a variety of issues, both dental- and health-related, over time. The repercussions of nightly teeth grinding are determined by the frequency and intensity with which they grind their teeth. Although there is no conclusive proof explaining why people grind their teeth at night, research has indicated that stressed or worried people are more likely to do so.

Overview of teeth grinding

Intense jaw discomfort, frequent migraines, fractured teeth, and even TMJ disorder are some of the issues associated with teeth grinding. Another major dental issue that can arise due to teeth grinding is the erosion of a tooth’s enamel, which cannot be restored once it has been lost. While most people who grind their teeth do so while sleeping, others grind or clench their teeth unintentionally throughout the day in a condition known as awake bruxism.

How a night guard works

Night guards are dental appliances worn at night during sleep to avoid the numerous detrimental consequences of teeth grinding. In addition, wearing a night guard adds an extra layer of protection between the teeth to prevent them from damage. While night guards may not alleviate all of the difficulties associated with nighttime teeth grinding, they can be quite helpful for safeguarding the teeth.

When to get a night guard

When a dentist is concerned that a patient’s teeth will be damaged due to teeth grinding, they will recommend a night guard. A night guard absorbs most of the pressure that would otherwise be applied straight to the teeth, preventing significant damage. Furthermore, a night guard helps prevent any bite or jaw displacement issues that might occur due to nighttime teeth grinding. When the dentist recommends a night guard, they will work to create a personalized guard to help the patient fall and remain asleep peacefully.

Customized guards are of superior quality and are built specifically for the patient’s teeth. The dentist will take an imprint of the teeth, which will be sent to a dental laboratory as a mold. This lab will make a night mouthguard that is custom-fitted to the mouth. Before leaving the dental office with the night guard, the dentist will examine the mouth guard’s fit and make any required modifications. A customized night guard is typically more costly than one purchased off the shelf. It is, however, also more comfortable and functional.

Night guard vs. mouthguard

Because mouthguards and night guards are quite similar, many people get them mixed up. A night guard is a dental device designed to protect a person from grinding their teeth while they sleep. When someone is practicing sports, a mouth guard is a piece of protective gear designed to protect the entire mouth.

Consider a night guard

A night guard offers adequate protection against bruxism. If you have noticed signs of the condition, contact the dentist to learn about your treatment options.

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