What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

People that go throughout their lives being unhappy with their teeth can likely inquire about a full mouth reconstruction with their dentists. As dentistry has progressed greatly, full mouth reconstructions are available to those who are seeking a complete transformation.

In this article, we will go over full mouth reconstructions and discuss everything that one needs to regarding them. Being aware of what to expect can help someone who is considering their options.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

While the name does tell it all, a full mouth reconstruction is when a person has all of their teeth rebuilt or replaced in order to transform the way that their teeth look and/or function. Having this type of procedure done can be lengthy and involved, but the benefits are said to be worth it.

When is full mouth reconstruction needed?

While full mouth reconstructions are rarely needed, there are some people who can benefit greatly from them. Some people are born with genetic issues within their mouths that can’t be repaired in one sitting or with one appliance or procedure. There are also people who have such badly damaged teeth that the need for repair is greater than just one.

People that have missing, decayed or severely damaged teeth may consider a full mouth reconstruction, as having one would allow for them to have a functioning mouth again that also looks natural too.

What types of treatments are done?

A full mouth reconstruction can consist of all kinds of different treatment methods. Below, we have outlined a few of the most common.

Dental implants

People that have multiple decayed teeth or missing teeth are likely to be recommended dental implants as they provide a number of benefits when it comes to reconstructing a mouth. These surgical components are placed within a jawbone and then over time, they bond naturally, acting as the support system for a tooth.

Once bonded, another appliance is attached to replace the actual tooth. Together, the implant and artificial tooth allow for transformation and restoration.

Dental Crowns

If a person has multiple teeth that are decaying, chipped or cracked then they can opt for dental crowns which act as complete caps to teeth that are still present. They are offered in both natural tooth colors as well as metals. These coverings can restore a person’s teeth so that reconstruction is achieved.


Dentures allow for complete reconstruction to be achieved by replacing all missing teeth or even some missing teeth. Full or partial dentures are available and can be used to allow for natural chewing and smiling again. They are plastic appliances that act as artificial teeth.

A full mouth reconstruction is typically an involved process that requires a lot of patience but the wait is well worth it. Having a mouth that functions and looks normal can be beneficial for eating and smiling purposes.

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