What Is a Dental Inlay and How Is It Used?

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A dental inlay is a common type of restoration used in dentistry. It is considered to be indirect, which means it is made outside of the patient's mouth, in a dental lab. Dental inlays, among other restorations, can significantly improve one's oral health, allowing for strong, healthy teeth. Ready to learn more?

Dental inlays

Outlined below is important information on dental inlays, which can be helpful to someone who requires a dental restoration. 

How dental inlays are used

Dental inlays are typically needed when a tooth is infected from a cavity. However, the cavity is often too big for a traditional filling, but too small for a dental crown. Dental inlays are a good in-between restorative option for patients who have moderate cavities. They are placed in between the grooves of a molar tooth but do not extend past the cusps, which is what sets them apart from onlays. 

Additionally, dental inlays can be used for fractures or breaks in molar teeth that cannot be restored through a dental filling or dental crown. 

The dental inlay process

When a patient visits their dentist for a dental inlay, they should expect to undergo two to three appointments in order for the entire process to be complete. Outlined below is each step of the dental inlay process. 

  1. Just like with any other dental restoration, a dental inlay requires the patient to be numbed with an anesthetic. 
  2. Once fully numbed, the dentist will use a dental drill to remove the decayed parts of the tooth.
  3. After the decayed parts have been removed, the dentist will take impressions of the tooth that is decayed. The impressions will be sent to a lab for the dental inlay to be created. 
  4. The patient will have to wait a few days in order for the dental inlay to be created. Once created, the patient will return to the dentist's office. 
  5. During a second appointment, the dental inlay will be molded to the patient's tooth, which allows for the restoration to be complete. 
  6. There may be a required follow-up dentist appointment to ensure that the inlay is fitting perfectly and the patient is adapting okay.

The steps of the dental inlay process may vary depending on the patient's specific needs. 

Things to know

Dental inlays are typically sourced from porcelain or composite resin materials. Both are able to be matched to the patient's tooth natural color, which allows for discreetness and an aesthetically-pleasing restoration. It has also been said that dental inlays are more reliable than dental fillings. Because they are indirect, they are known to provide more strength for a tooth that is in bad shape. 

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