Implant Supported Dentures: Should You Try Denture Repair First?

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According to a 2020 study by, 41 million Americans rely on dentures, making denture repair an imperative part of everyday life for many people. Restoration options for dentures can come in many forms, however, and not every option works well for each problem. Those who suffer from ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures may wonder if implant supported dentures are the way to go. Here is why patients may want to consider denture repair first.

When to make repair the priority

All dentures are made with durable materials and designed to withstand daily activities like chewing, biting, and grinding. This resilience should not be confused with permanent endurance. Dentures can break down the same as natural teeth, and when they do, it is essential that they get repaired to prevent further, greater damage. Damage due to external causes, such as the dentures being dropped, can cause other problems, but these issues can often still be repaired. Here are the main reasons for denture repair.


Whether a denture gets cracked, broken, or fractured, it can usually be repaired in a dental office. Sometimes, finite fractures can be fixed in a single visit without fuss. However, patients should not try to fix a crack at home. Trying to do so may ruin the dentures and require a replacement.

Broken teeth

It is possible for a tooth to fall out of a denture. This is usually an easy fix, as the tooth simply needs to be adhered back into the denture base. There are options for take-home kits sold in stores to repair dentures, but patients should always ask a dentist about proper care before using one.

Improper fit

Dentures almost never perfectly fit the first time a patient tries them on. The appliances must be fitted and reworked to properly fit to the contour and shape of a patient’s mouth. It is not uncommon for new dentures to be uncomfortable for a few weeks after the initial fitting. If, after those few weeks, the dentures continue to rub on gums, create sores, or cause an imbalanced bite, a patient should return to the dentist to have the appliance adjusted.

When to try implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures act almost the same as regular dentures, but they are held in place with implants that are fixed in the patient’s mouth. This type of denture can still be removed for easy cleaning and care, but it provides more stability than a traditional denture. Patients may consider implant supported dentures if they:

  • Suffer from sores or rubbing with a traditional denture
  • Have a mouth that is changing shape
  • Have difficulty speaking with a traditional denture
  • Have difficulty chewing
  • Are self-conscious about smiling

Many patients end up with this kind of denture because a traditional denture moved around too much in the mouth, causing discomfort.


Talk to a dentist about denture repair and implant supported dentures. Based on individual needs, one may be a better option for you than the other.

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