How to Extend the Life of Your Dentures with Denture Repair

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If you need denture repair to fix your apparatus, you should not put off a visit to your dentist. Your dentist will examine the problem and determine what needs to happen to get the dentures working properly again. Ignoring these needs can make your dentures ineffective. If you let the dentist repair them, the dentures should continue to look nice and work well for many more years.

Why people choose dentures

Having missing teeth can be embarrassing. It is also difficult to eat many types of foods. Dentures restore the cosmetic aspects of the person’s smile. This apparatus can also prevent any remaining teeth from drifting, becoming loose, and falling out. By wearing dentures, the person can once again eat most foods. Dentures are also natural-looking.

How dentures work

Dentures come in both full and partial forms. Both are good solutions for tooth loss. Traditional dentures rest on the gums with the help of adhesive. On top of a gum-colored acrylic base are natural-looking teeth made of ceramic or porcelain. The appliance is removable, though some varieties of dentures are permanently placed in the mouth via implants. By cleaning and taking good care of dentures, denture repair will not be a frequent need.

Denture repair improves the strength of the artificial teeth

The ceramic or porcelain teeth attached to the dentures have an important job. These teeth will take the role of natural teeth by chewing and grinding food. When these teeth chip, crack, break, or fall out, it can be difficult to enjoy favorite foods and healthy foods. Repairing the teeth restores the person’s ability to chew. It also provides a strong bite force once again.

Repairing dentures revives the base

The denture base holds the teeth in place, just as natural gums do in the mouth. When the base wears out, it puts the teeth at risk of falling out. The base can crack or weaken through wear and tear. When the dentist repairs the base and takes care of these issues, it should provide a strong base for the teeth for several more years.

Repairing dentures improves comfort

When there is damage to a set of dentures, there can be pain and discomfort. This may cause the person to want a new apparatus altogether. The dentist has the knowledge and training to assess whether replacing the appliance is necessary. In many cases, denture repair will be enough to solve the problems and allow the patient to keep the same apparatus.

Enjoy your dentures and your new smile

Dentures can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Unfortunately, damage can occur if you drop your dentures or step on them, or if you suffer a hard blow to the face. Your dentist can examine your broken dentures and restore them to their full use. Denture repair not only corrects the issues but can lengthen the life span of the dentures and improve their performance. If you have accidentally broken your dentures, call your dentist right away and make an appointment to fix them.

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