How Digital Impressions Are Used by Your Dentist

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Many dentists now use digital impressions to enhance patients' comfort, precision, and efficiency during treatments. Read on to learn more about this dental technology. Digital impressions are the most recent technology for simplifying dental restoration procedures for both patients and dental staff, whether to restore a damaged smile or improve its aesthetic appeal.

How a dentist uses digital impressions

The days of biting into a tray of putty are over thanks to the development of a computerized scanner for dental impressions. Dentists used to take impressions by asking patients to bite into a tray containing a molding substance. Patients would have to hold it in their mouth for a while until the material solidified. Despite the procedure being painless, several patients do not find it pleasant.

Patients with a very sensitive gag reflex may find traditional impressions incredibly unpleasant. The gagging feeling makes it difficult to remain still, which may cause the imprint tray to move and the mold to be less precise.

The tray is then removed and the impression sent to a dental laboratory. A lab technician there pours ceramic into a mold to create a stone replica of the mouth. This model may be used to create any restorative material such as dental crowns or bridges or plan orthodontic treatment.

Taking a physical mold and having it made by a lab technician, who then sends back the drawings, takes days or even weeks, depending on the lab's workload. Digital impressions, on the other hand, operate differently and reduce the time it takes to finish each stage.

How digital impressions work

To obtain digital impressions, an intraoral scanner produces a precise 3-D picture of the oral cavity. The scanner may be attached at the end of a wand. It is similar to the instrument dentists use for tooth polishing, except it is much larger. The dental professional will take the scan by moving the wand around the patient's mouth methodically while emitting a unique scanning light. Within seconds, pictures of the mouth may be shown on a computer screen for both the patient and the dentist to see.

Digital impressions are just as accurate as traditional impressions, if not more so. The dentist will know right away if any part of the patient's mouth seems out of place since they can view the 3-D model of the mouth right away, and they will be able to perform another scan without patients needing to come for another appointment as with conventional impressions.

The bottom line

In restorative dentistry, digital impressions are used to make crowns, bridges, and partial dentures, among other tooth replacements. Dental implant treatments may also benefit from digital impressions, which can be used to plan the implant placement and generate a surgical guide that allows precise implant placement on the day of the procedure.

Digital impressions may also be utilized to plan and visualize teeth straightening procedures, particularly with systems that already have a digital workflow, like clear aligners. If you have additional questions, book an appointment with our dental office.

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