Digital Dental Care

Digital dental care has started to transform the way dentists operate, making them more effective and efficient in their ability to diagnose and treat various oral health issues.

If you have never heard of digital dental care, there is a chance you have at least seen it in practice, especially if you visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Digital Dental Care

While there are some hesitant to the change towards digital dental care and prefer the old fashion method of electronic or mechanical methods of dental care, there is no denying the digital dental has had a profound impact on the way many dentists operate on a daily basis.

What is digital dental care?

Digital dental care refers to digital technology that utilizes computer and digital components to evaluate patients.

In the past, dental examinations relied upon the use of electronic machines to report evaluations administered. However, digital dental care uses computer systems to display useful information gathered from testing.

Perhaps the most notable change that digital dental care has brought upon is the switching from traditional x-rays to digital x-rays. Most dentists find digital x-rays to merely be much easier to use and provide more accurate results than conventional x-rays, which do not use computer technology.

Additionally, digital dental care often provides more affordable testing for patients than the more traditional methods of dental care.

The advantages of digital dental care

There are numerous benefits that digital dental care has over the more traditional methods, including the following:

  • More accurate, precise results
  • Shorter wait times for dental procedures
  • Improved aesthetic abilities
  • More comfortable testing and dental operations

In essence, the most significant benefit derived from digital dental care is an overall improved patient experience. Instead of waiting several days for a laboratory to create a dental bridge, veneer or any other form of restoration, digital dental care allows dentists to design the restoration quickly; often on the same day, the patient comes in.

Also, the use of innovative digital technology makes the entire process of restoration more convenient, including the actual procedure itself. Lastly, dentists can ensure the results are high quality and exactly what the patient needed with precision.

Digital dental innovations

There are numerous ways dentists have integrated digital innovation to make their dentistry much more effective and efficient. Here are the most common digital dental changes that dentists are beginning to utilize more and more:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Computer assigned design
  • Cone beam CT
  • Dental Lasers
  • Intra-oral imaging

A good portion of the digital dental innovations is centered around testing procedures and the development of restorations, such as veneers, crowns and bridges. However, there are other digital dental innovations that have made it much easier for dentists to carry out restoration procedures - such as dental lasers.

While digital dental care has a long way to go, there is no doubt that there is a trend towards digital technology to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of dental testing and operations.

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