Dental Implants Help Prevent Bone Loss


Are you currently considering dental implants to help solve your jawbone loss problem? Great! It is necessary for you to understand which dental option available can help you address your bone loss issues. Dental implants are a common choice amongst those who are experiencing various levels of jawbone loss. Implants are not only available to help prevent additional jawbone loss, but they will also help to repair the bone resorption rate.

About bone loss

A missing tooth is one of the more common reasons why someone would experience jawbone deterioration. Once someone loses a tooth, there is no longer a root available to connect to the jawbone. Because there is no connection to the jawbone in this area, the bone will eventually begin to deteriorate because there is no stimulation. Since everyone is different, it will solely depend on each person's particular situation for how long it takes for the jawbone to deteriorate entirely.

How dental implants help prevent bone loss

The reason why dental implants can help prevent bone loss is that they act just like a natural tooth. The implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone, just like a natural tooth root. This connection to the jawbone can provide the stimulation that someone's mouth needs to perform correctly. This tooth jawbone connection is absolutely essential when it comes to having a healthy mouth.

Candidates for implants

For someone to be considered as a candidate for dental implants, they must have sufficient bone support so that the implants will adequately fuse to the jawbone. They also must have healthy gums, as gums that are healthy can better support the new implant addition. Those who grind their teeth have a lower success rate, making it necessary for teeth grinders to find a solution to this problem before they are able to get implants. Being in good overall health is essential, as well as the commitment to practice the proper oral hygiene that will keep the implants working accurately for many years to come.

Thinking implants are a good fit for you?

We welcome any questions you have about getting dental implants to improve your overall oral health! It is crucial for you to understand those dental solutions available to you so that you can make the right decision that will support your good oral health. Whether you have been suffering from bone loss for many years or have only recently started to experience jawbone loss, finding a solution that will prevent you from losing any more of your jawbone is genuinely essential to your good oral health. 

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